Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Our Amateur Shots of Venice

Posting pictures on the internet, this forum for such artful photography, can be somewhat humiliating. My explanation is that Aaron and I take pictures with a low-end, digital camera with an eye for what we are doing and seeing from the most novice of perspectives. At the moment we know no tricks, and just take honest pictures--we hope to improve someday! :-)

I think that anyone who has been there will agree that you don't forget the first time you lay eyes on St. Mark's Square. This photo doesn't do it justice, but I remember how inspired I felt when I first saw this magical place, and I also remember how uncharacteristically uncrowded it was (for a summer afternoon)--therefore I've included it.

The weather worked against us in Venice--that kind of heat tends to render the vibrant colors and symmetrical architecture harsh. Nevertheless, our pictures of Venice already make me happy.

St. Marco's Square, late afternoon

facing out to the Adriatic from Venice

Empty gondolas flanking the grand canal, white heat again.

The palette of Venice, and the wilting of tourists during July, 2006


At 11:43 PM, Anonymous Marco Ramos said...

Hello Pam and Aaron,

I've been checking in with your blog and I'm envious of your adventures. Although you're critical of your own photos, they're really quite good.

Are you with mom now, or is she in Germany with friends? Have you had time to relax on some beautiful European beach, or has it been all culture and high art? Tell me about the micro bikinis and topless beaches. Take me away from Jesusland, if even only in my dreams. :)


At 7:43 AM, Blogger Pamela said...

Hey bro,

Mom is with us here in Munich, another story altogether, will fill you in later. We have had as much fun and as much stress as you might imagine--no plan remains firm, no communication goes ungarbled! :-)

No relaxation really since Tuscany (back in the middle of July) except for 3 days in Regensberg wherein the romance of our hotel was only dampened (literally) by incessant rain and cold weather. It has been uncharacteristically cold in Germany for pretty much the entire month of August. The nicest days we've had were yesterday at Neuschwannstein (Fussen), and today at Dachau (ironic and strange).

No bikinis (just speedos--that hasn't changed in Europe), no real R & R, no lazy days--hopefully we'll catch a break in Salzburg, but the weather report says we'll have 4 days of 66 degree weather and rain! UGH!

And can I just lament that Portland, OR, which I have been monitoring, has had not one drop of rain this month?!?!

Internet access is sporadic and expensive, but I hope to continue posting pictures at least once more before I return home on the 27th.


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