Tuesday, May 30, 2006

In the Mighty Month of May

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Wow, only two posts this month! The cartoon tells my story ... don't do it! Hell cannot be this bad ... I've nearly gone mad this month--not one word of my Sr. Paper has been typed as I've suddenly become an architect, a finish carpenter, a project manager, and a raving bitch! I have never had more disagreements and aggravation in my life, not even during my first marriage, which at the time seemed unbeatably hellish! :-)

From mismeasurements by my contractor and the "cabinet designer" at Lowe's (and one by my husband) causing a new window and creative cabinet-swapping to be necessary, to a mutitude of mistakes made by American Woodmark (wrong cabinets and glass again and again), to dropped and broken island granite, to tilt-out tray drawers that everyone refuses to install, to appliance mishaps and scary repairmen who reminded me of the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld--I have been through the mill people!

Twice I actually found myself balled up in stress-related tears. I've had to beg to get things that were incorrectly ordered and shipped replaced, I've had to deal with "templates" that did not match sinks, faucets or other facets of the remodel which caused grave delays and cranky contractors, or contractors who left on vacation, or felt their teenage sons were adequate labor, etc. etc. I've put on a heretofore unknown little-girl-soft voice in an attempt to get people to take pity on me, and do what they should have done, and were paid to do!

In the end, we finally sit with a lovely, albeit as-yet-incomplete kitchen. Our granite island slab is a broken mess with globs of epoxy holding it in one piece (the contractor swears he's returning any day now with the replacement slab). I'll post photos just in case anyone is considering taking a project like this on. Let me close by saying that I don't understand why contractors don't make money ... we paid out twice what my husband makes a month, yet both of our contractors complained to us (enumerable times) that they "didn't make any money off this job." Why? I ask. We paid for all the materials, they arrived no earlier than 10AM every morning and tended to work a solid 5 hours ... so why no profit? I'm thinking I should look into getting a contractor's license!

Anyone out there have any remodeling stories they'd care to share?


At 8:06 AM, Blogger Karina said...

oh god - kitchen renos. Been there - done that - and may never do it again. My kitchen took 8 weeks to build - after the company promised it would take 10 days. I killed the bigpond addy a year or so ago - you mustnt have got my change of addr email. go to my homepage karina.id.au and click on email me.

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Carolina Jim said...

Hi Pamela!! Sorry I've been absent for sooo long...I have been traveling a great deal since we last spoke. Sorry to hear about your remodeling woes, seems that everyone has the same experiences, or maybe you just don't hear about the good ones.
Congratulations on your graduation and party. I hear that it was all very wonderful and exciting.I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you. Have you decided on your graduate studies yet? Is NC still a possibility? Whatever you decide, I'm sure that you will excell. I wish I had your gift for writing beautiful expressions, I'm sure that talent would come in very handy. Anyway, congrats and best wishes! Will talk again soon I hope.


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