Friday, August 03, 2007

Back in Blog

I’m slowly going to project my voice--which has been reverberating through the universe with no purchase—back into the blogosphere again. I thought if I left the garden for long enough, I could force the redesign, but at the moment the time and resources are simply not here.

Please bear with this overused template for just a bit longer.

So in a nutshell there have been weddings, and accidents and offers and allegations. Life has been churning by. The telling shall come to you in pieces and stories, remind me if I forget. Meanwhile, I have had one of those metamorphoses that hit you every so often. You have them as you traverse life, you think you feel something when they occur, the shudder that trembles when we bump against time and our humanity for a moment—and leave the collision changed. You feel the shedding of the old skin as it peels away—you stop to stare at the old hide, wondering how it ever fit you. Sometimes you’re not entirely sure the whole thing has peeled away, you’re sure some bits are left stuck to you, scales that give away to the world that you’ve let something old strip away.

But you feel the change, a way of being that isn’t radical or even terribly new, just different, as if you’ve wiped some very foggy glasses you hadn’t realized needed cleaning.

And speaking of foggy, I’m surely speaking in my little metaphorical riddles, but you know what I’m saying, right?

I’ve got some thoughts, some stories and opinions, and I’m looking for yours too. I’ve got a meme to answer (courtesy of Deb at Stoneymoss—check her out, she’s on a roll over there, haha), I’ve got photos to share. I’m hoping my pal, Tom, shall soon begin his blog from Mongolia (I’m not joking), and I’m watching Sarah over at Kiss Me Goodbye as she teaches me so much about Japanese culture. And, finally, I yearn to write some pieces injecting myself back into the fray. Stay with me …


At 8:33 AM, Blogger ...deb said...

I look forward to listening and reading...I like your metaphor very much, especially the bits that still cling.

At 8:00 AM, Blogger Sarie said...

Welcome back Pam! I check your blog often and have been pouting over your disappearance, but I'm pleased to see that you're back ;) I'll be back soon too-- November 6th to be exact. Let's do coffee and lunch, okay?

Miss you!


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