Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Move-on is Getting its Groove On!

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From its inception, I have participated (from the whimpy comfort of my computer) with the efforts of What they do (grassroots mobilization and information dissemination) is of such great interest to me that my Sr. Thesis centered on the concept of the potential for activism in the cyborgian human (cyborgian because of the extended reach of our being into the world of cyberspace). When I move this blog, I shall provide a link to my vastly scintillating, incredibly riveting Sr. Thesis … stay tuned!

Anyway, recently queried their constituency to see who among the list of current candidates they would like to hear speak at a virtual “townhall” meeting on the topic of Iraq. Next they invited members to host house-parties where people could gather in community to hear the candidates views. Then they sent around invitations that included links to the house-parties nearest you.I really wanted to attend a house party, and intend to do so next time, but my demanding social schedule (ha ha) prevented it!

I don't know why the Republican candidates did not opt to be involved in the townhall meeting, because Moveon members indicated that they were very interested in hearing what most of the Republican candidates had to say. According to Moveon’s transcripts, five Republican candidates were invited, and none participated—how very tragic that not a single one agreed to join in the dialogue, when perhaps they might have presented some interesting diversity to the conversation.

For a complete run-down on the events, Q & A, and structure of the virtual townhall meeting that was held on 4/10/07, please click on the banner provided by above, and read the transcripts and/or highlights.

This effort on the part of is tremendously momentous to me. In my recent travels abroad, the most common impression that was conveyed to me was that the average American either does not care about issues that do not correspond to their own lifestyles, or that they were arch-conservative, religiously zealous power-mongerers. We know better than that, but in this election it becomes critical that we convey that outside of the boundaries of our own tendency to isolationism.
Therefore, 1,000 host homes with probably close to 10,000 participants across the nation (probably more after the transcripts were made available today), speak vigorously for our renewed commitment to involvement and change.

Please take a moment to see what the Democratic candidates had to say at the townhall meeting. If you have a chance, listen to their voices and search your gut for content and an authentic response. And as the elections draw closer, if you feel as strongly as I do that Moveon is providing a service that intersects with your own vision of politics, then donate what you can to help them continue to provide us with these forums for socio-political discovery!

(photo by Aaron Langley, all rights and wrongs reserved)


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