Thursday, March 22, 2007

Breathe Me

(photo by Aaron Langley, 2/07)

The Paper Garden will be undergoing some changes soon … once I get my redesign organized it is my goal to truly own the project of this blog by posting on a regular basis—really! Pretty soon I’ll be moving to my own domain (I will be posting the new link here when the move has been made). Early thank yous to the amazing Emily for all her help and patience as I learn a thing or two about becoming a more savvy internet user.

Anyone else out there listening to the music of Sia? (That I live with some form of depression seems to be reflected in my current obsession with Sia and Blue October) I’m a latecomer to this Australian’s music—I’m hooked, particularly to her song, Breathe Me. Sia sings this ethereal song which plays during the final moments of the season finale of Six Feet Under, as former art student Claire drives out of Pasadena and into her new life.

I have spent the late night hours of the first part of this year watching seasons 1-5 of this show. Through the sophisticated themes I feel like I've lived right alongside of the Fishers & friends--I'm as emotionally wrought as they all are!

I've read the message boards, watched all the extras ... I'm way behind the times in terms of fandom, but this was an extraordinary show. I love the boundaries the creators challenged, I wallowed in the repeated explorations of death and how, in the innate wisdom of the character Nate, death makes life important. I loved the opening sequence and watching a show that presented movie-style camerawork. Why isn't TV always this good?

Should you be interested, you can find the simple, but wrenching lyrics to Breathe Me here courtesy of lyrics mania. And check out other songs of Sia's, she's intense!


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