Monday, February 13, 2006

Look Out Bambi (and anyone near him)

V.P. Cheney has shotgun blasted another hunter. The comcast homepage story said that he "didn't hit the man's eyes or anything." ‘Nuff said. If you’d like to read more about it, I’m sure you can have a heyday with an appropriate Google search. Oh, the suppression of the story for 24-hours is worth mentioning. Guess there were no bloggers around! :)

I’m very perplexed by those who hunt for the pleasure. While I’m all about a lovely, fresh, fly-caught trout brought home by my husband (whose fly-fishing skills were one of the qualities that made me fall in love with him), I do not get shooting things for “fun,” or so-called sport. Where's the sport? Not really a fair matchup in my opinion. I’m confused about shooting birds with shotguns. If you hit them dead-on, they practically explode. The purpose of shotguns is to spread shot widely, you know, so your aim needn’t be so good. Sheesh.

I’m just going to say it, and agree with me or not … well, it’s my blog! Dick Cheney has a mean face, and I don’t trust him one bit, and the fact that he shoots birds that he doesn’t eat further repels me from him. He makes my skin crawl, he feels viscerally evil to me—that coupled with his appalling record on nearly everything that is near and dear to me just makes me wonder what it is about him that I’m missing. Any takers out there? Anyone want to tell me why I should like this man?

In the meantime, my pal James Wolcott has linked to a similar incident that occurred with the prez himself! OK, well, he didn’t shoot another person … rather he blew an endangered bird to smithereens!
Read the story, friends, at the very least you’ll get kick out of Bush mistaking a mourning dove for a kildeer. Why kill a mourning dove?

I’m thinking we should take the guns away from these two men. I'm thinking perhaps they should question a compulsion to hunt when they've got a war that should be fulfilling any bloodlust. In fact, I’m seeing a suggestion here between the need to shoot things and our current foreign policy.



At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, indeedy!!!! Take their guns away and give them knitting needles! Then the only eyes they'll poke out will be their own! (Dick does have a mean face).


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