Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Scream

Beloved dog ruptured other anterior cruciate ligament (last year the first was repaired to the tune of about $3,000) while you take mandatory computer test. Test takes countless hours over two days due to glitches in the compatability of their requirements and your computer system. You get creative on test, try to reach someone to see if It’s OK, no one will return your calls. Passing the test is necessary in order to graduate.

Beloved dog has been found, during blood-work resulting from aforementioned injury, to have urinary, and potentially kidney, problems. Sweet thing must now exist on a pricey diet of purely Science Diet products. No more treats, period. More tests to come, appointment with surgeon on Wednesday. Love her, but panicked about expenses and time needed to follow-up on problems. Feel like screaming ...

Throw out back lifting pup in and out so that she can perform her normal doggie functions. Pain only slightly dulled by Ibuprofin. Find out that Ibuprofin can be deadly to dogs--
your husband gave beloved dog some to ease pain as you screeched through computer exam.

Short-term lease company politely insist they can no longer extend deadline to pay deposit for this summer’s European car lease … please pay now … cha-ching.

Refrigerator dies. Should have died years ago. Immediately needed to find a new one, took 5 stores and much research to decide upon correct, affordable model. By the time decision is made, store is closed until Monday. More cha-ching.

An elderly neighbor drops by to “help fix” burned out house lamp, creates havoc that requires 2 hours of no electricity. Kitchen smells like rotting food, computer unusable despite 2 looming papers. Light remains unfixed. Want to scream

Other neighbor calls to ask for help with a stray pit bull she has found. Give necessary moral support and pep-talk when it becomes clear dog will need to go to shelter in order to prevent consumption of her smaller pugs.

Grad school research, associated deadlines, bills, due dates on library books needed for project but as-yet unopened due to pressure and immediate crises!!! One Grad school sends 5-page form to prove residency, scream rises in your throat

Laundry reclines in 6 loads on the floor of hallway. Cat skids around sock pile like a hockey player in the wee morning hours.

Husband demands you take over kitchen remodel project which has no budget and should be completed before June. Shows you where he has used blue painter's tape to suggest a scheme. Walk away.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, make husband agree to only buy cards.

Your turn to host writers' group. No groceries, no frig, kitchen deconstructing itself.

Papers due, agree to participate in “ethics bowl” --totally stresses you out, Sr. English portfolio due, 10 pages of workshop fiction, 6-8 pages of new fiction, Foucault, Debrah Eisenberg, Katherine Hayles. Inhale for huge, guttural, unabashedly primal SCREAM

Sleep quite impossible.


At 9:34 PM, Blogger veejayemm said...

I feel your pain. The only way I can see out from under is to skip class this week. I just can't face it, and it seems like I'm getting nothing done.
Go ahead and scream...sometimes you just have to.
It won't be long now...

At 12:36 PM, Blogger Sarie said...

Poor Pam :( Trust me, I'm right there with you. Over the past few days, I've wanted to slip under my covers and admit defeat. This is a tough term, and life isn't making it any less complicated.

I hope you're feeling a little less overwhelmed! Please know that Friday's invitation still stands-- just fire me an e-mail if you're interested ;)


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