Sunday, February 24, 2008


(photo courtesy of Stephanie Williamson ... I'd call it "Tangled in Chill")

Simple and direct today. I watched two intense, interesting films this weekend: Michael Clayton and A Mighty Heart (unfortunate title). It's good to see American, mainstream filmmaking tackling the crises of our individual and collective souls in such sublimely-crafted projects.

Roger Ebert had this to say in reference to the tragedy of the Daniel Pearl murder, and I copy it here with a touch of defiance, because I do think it can be a serious mistake to "avoid news" and the "political."

Ebert notes: "The Americans who complain about "negative" news are the ideological cousins of those who shoot at CNN crews. The news is the news, good or bad, and those who resent being informed of it are pitiful."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Big in Japan, But Banned in China

(The beauty above is Tino--my pal Randine's new love)
I know, it’s been a long time. The garden feels strewn with dead weeds – parched invaders. It’s deceitful to call oneself a blogger and disappear, but I justify my silence by considering my presence as that of a teeny, ordinary pill-bug in the vast universe of definitive blogging insects.

During my time off, I’ve thought about the Paper Garden. One of my goals is to really institute a graphic face-lift here at the garden, and to define a more particular trajectory for this blog. I need a makeover … Emily, help!

The musing blog isn’t one that gets much loyalty, so if you’re still here and reading, my deepest appreciation to you.

On a somewhat regular basis (usually after re-reading one of my so-called creative pieces and cringing) I wonder if I’m marginally interesting to anyone but me and my mother? I consider motivational, creative, entrepreneurial and inspirational bloggers such as Andrea over at Superhero Journal, or provocative whatshisname at the ever-popular waiterrant, or the exquisite cynicism and hip sensibilities of the Go Fug Yourself girls (all smart-assy and connected as they are), or the savvy and sophistication of the sartorialist, and I wonder what I’m still doing in the blogosphere.

And then I get an e-mail from a friend teaching over in China and I hear from him that THIS BLOG IS BLOCKED IN CHINA!!! And hot-damn, I’m pumped! Somewhere, in some bureaucratic cubicle or basement, some pencil-chewing tool decided that I’m controversial enough to ban, and that only serves to validate my project here (that’s right, this is all very intentional and influential)! I’m not sure what aspect of this blog prompted the banishment, but I imagine I may have ranted about the dog-fur as “faux fur” fiasco, or perhaps I complained about lead-based paint in children’s toys or something (if you think you know, clue me in). At any rate, I’m apparently subversive! Do you think they would deny me a VISA into the country?

Wow, it’s now official—I’m a radical!