Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Our Circular Lives

A friend sent me this link to a project called Their Circular Life: An Exploration of Human Behavior. It consists of webcams set up in various Italian cites that chronicle moments in a day--included is sound, so one gets a brief sensation of being there. It's difficult to explain the lateral reach of this site, or how beautiful it is in a very simple way. If you have speakers, enter the site with the music option.

This is a postmodern/hypertext project to the umpteenth degree. I sit at my PC in Portland, OR, and watch the events of a day in an ordinary juncture (train stations, parks) in Italy. There is no grand statement made, just a visual, auditory connection on a very real level--in one shot a woman throws away some garbage, for a moment I got a hint of the smell.

Here's the link: Their Circular Life

I'd love to hear your reactions ... any tingles? Any thoughts?


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